A minimum stay of 3 - 4 days is recommended to get an impression of the reserve. Expect to see many types of tropical birds, turtles, sloths and several types of monkey. Small caimans can be spotted at night.

If you go for 5 - 6 days you’ll see the beautiful Victoria Regia plants and you get to a small lake where you can spot both pink and grey river dolphins. You find bigger types of monkey here, like the howler monkey and spider monkey. You may see big groups of jungle pigs or up to 2 meter paichi fish. Slightly bigger caimans can be found.

In 7- 9 days you get to deeper waters, where you are more likely to spot big anacondas and you’ll find still bigger caimans. As you move deeper into the jungle, also the size of the land animals increases. You may see tapirs, deer, giant armadillos or giant anteaters.

It takes 10 - 12 days to get to a huge lake, called Pasto Cotcha. Here you find caimans, surpassing 6 meters and loads of flying fish. There are approximately 20,000 caimans living in and around the lake. During the day you see them in moderate amounts, at night, you’ll count hundreds of their gleaming red eyes.

Please note that it’s impossible to guarantee what animals exactly you’ll encounter. Of the caimans at Pasto Cotcha you can be sure. But for many other animals you cannot predict their exact location. You have to be very lucky to spot a puma or a jaguar for instance, even though you are in their habitat. Then again you’ll see many animals not mentioned here. There are just too many to list!

In general of course, the more days, the better! You’ll have an experience you’ll never forget and the feel, the smells and the sounds of the jungle will stay with you forever! If you have a specific interest, please let us know, because your tour can be easily adjusted. If all you want to see is poisoned frogs or tarantulas, then that’s what we’ll be looking for! Many sidetracks can be made or instead you may prefer to speed up, to get to a certain location in a limited amount of days.