How to get to Lagunas

Getting here is not too complicated. There are direct busses from Lima to Yurimaguas and from there you can take any of the boats to Iquitos, Lagunas or San Lorenzo (boats leave every day except Sunday). You need a hammock to travel by boat which can be bought in Yurimaguas.

The boats to Iquitos (such as the Eduardo boats) leave at midday, the smaller boats to Lagunas and San Lorenzo leave around 8.00 am. Any mototaxi driver will be able to take you to the right harbor. Note that there are many illegal guides in Yurimaguas that will take you anywhere except the reserve and be careful in the harbors as there are pickpockets there.

It takes some 12 hours to get to Lagunas. If you prefer there is also a fast boat, called Huallaga Expres, that covers the distance in less than 4 hours (leaving Yurimaguas at 7.30 am and Lagunas at 1.00 pm). For this boat you don’t need a hammock.

If you call us beforehand, we will wait for you in the harbor of Lagunas and help you to your hostel. For any further information, use our contact form or call us.