Ayahuasca ceremonies

Ayahuasca means “Vine of the Soul” and it grows abundantly in the Peruvian Amazon. From it a drink can be prepared that is taken at nightly ceremonies under the guidance of a shaman.

The shaman sings his “icaras” to call on the healing spirits, while the Ayahuasca cleans your body. It is not uncommon to feel some nausea at first and you might even have to throw up or get diarrhea. Do not let that worry you for it passes fairly quickly!

Once you manage to relax into the ceremony you will likely get a series of visions that are insightful for you. If you have a specific question or dilemma, let that be your focal point during the ceremony.

The shaman keeps on singing for several hours. Basically, the ceremony isn’t over until the visions stop and everybody is well grounded and smiling again!

Please feel welcome to join us for one or more ceremonies! For more information use our contact form or call Leandro (English speaking) at (065) 965 324 622.